Throughout the next five years, UNC Charlotte will experience an unprecedented construction effort; over 40 Capital projects, road and utility improvements, core campus building renovations, and major new construction. Not only does each individual project require attention to detail, but given the complexity across the entirety of the plan, the collective coordination is vital to prevent major disruptions to normal university operations.

Multiple departments on campus have come together to strategically plan this effort. A coordinating committee will convene regularly to ensure proper communication and a shared approach to decision making.

Several renovations will necessitate office and instructional space moves to and from temporary swing space. As much of the work will be concurrent, consideration of construction traffic routes and lay down areas considering normal campus circulation will also be important.

Working through the Five-year Capital Construction Plan will be a continuously changing effort engaging all Facilities Management units and campus constituents.

As we continue to work through the details, more information will be shared with the campus community to ensure the mission of the campus continues unabated. These projects will improve campus facilities and UNC Charlotte’s ability to fulfill its mission as enrollment continues to grow.

We appreciate your patience as we work to improve facilities on campus!